Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan? Sometimes this question comes into your mind.Let’s read it in detail.

We all know that “Pakistan” is a place from where most of the terrorism activities operate.This terrorism is spreading in the whole world and it’s a global issue!!But the main point to be noticed is that “America supplies/donates a lot of money to Pakistan“!!The question which arises is “Why?“!! Why is America helping so much to Pakistan despite knowing that it shelters terrorism?

  • Let’s discuss some of the reasons “Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?“:-

1. To Maintain Its Supplies In Afghanistan

The US has a military base in Afghanistan, it is far less than before but still, there are some troops of the US present in Afghanistan.So, in order to supply food, fuel and arms and all those needed things US has to use Pakistan as they have no direct route to reach Afghanistan!!

Now, You may be thinking why America does not use the rest of the Afghanistan’s neighboring countries?

i) Afghanistan has Iran on its one side which do not have good relations with America

ii) On the other side it has Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and others which do not allow America to do these kinds of activities

So, the only option left for America is Pakistan and thus, Pakistan charges money for being used as a mediator!!


Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan

This is one of the reasons Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?

2. To Make India Buy More

This is one of the biggest reasons Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?

  • US has trillion dollar Arms industry which gives jobs to millions of people
  • In order to keep this industry survive, US needs a huge buyer of arms to support this industry
  • When America pays money to Pakistan free, Pakistan in exchange purchases some weapons from US.In this way a great part of what US pays to Pakistan get back to its defense industry
  • Whenever Pakistan gets weapons, India buys more weapons than Pakistan to keep its edge as according to India’s policy
  • According to this policy of India, US gets a huge revenue in billions from India and thus, India creates a lot of jobs for Americans!!

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan

3. To make Pakistan dependent

  • Pakistan has a sick economy which is submerged in debt and sources of income are not too much in number
  • Thus, US aid helps Pakistan to keep its economy alive
  • Hence, as a result, Pakistan become dependent on US
  • This helps US to make good use of Pakistan in its favor and therefore, Pakistan always supports US in every matter
  • Pakistan stays silent when US kills Pakistanis in drone attacks and this helps US to kill anti-US elements in Pakistan
  • Although Pakistanis protest a lot against US , it doesn’t make any effect as Pakistan is dependent on US

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan

4. Keep Jihadist In Control

  • The US, nourished Taliban and Osama against the Russian, although they fought against Russia and escorted it from Afghanistan but afterward the US let them open, so they had no work and as they are terrorist and their work is to kill people and then they backfired in the form of 9/11.Here are some facts of 9/11
  • The US didn’t want to repeat the mistake of letting the Islamic elements completely free
  • Pakistan is the heaven of terrorism, thus, it is necessary to keep control over Pakistan in order to keep a check on Anti-US elements
  • Thus, control over Pakistan can be done only be making it dependent, hence US aids Pakistan.

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan

5. To Keep Pakistan Stable

  • Pakistan is an unstable country, with problems in Sindh, Baluchistan, North West Frontiers etc. and the US keeps control over these places through Pakistan
  • The Economic collapse of Pakistan will make many provinces to revolt like mentioned above.
  • US can’t maintain its presence in Afghanistan
  • Nukes could go into Anti-US, Anti-India hands due to the downfall of Pakistan’s economy and revolt and thus, if some Anti-Indian attacks on India then, it would be a loss to US as India is a huge customer of US which provides jobs to millions of people in US

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan

6. To Prevent India From Becoming Super Power

This is also one of the biggest reasons Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?

  • US may be India’s friend but it knows very well India has all the potential to become super power, India has all the things to become a military and economic super power and US will never want India to become a super power as it will affect the dominance of US in the world
  • US ignored China and gave full freedom to China and wanted to use China in its favor during the war between China and Russia and thus, US helped China in order to get support from China and now, all the help given by US to China is harming US itself now.So, US doesn’t want to do the same mistake with India
  • By keeping Pakistan busy with India, US drains India’s resources which could be used in the development of the economy of India and hence, by these means US prevents India from becoming a super power.

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan

7. If Not Funded

  • If US doesn’t give funds to Pakistan then Pakistan would increase its nuclear cooperation with other countries as Pakistan did earlier with Iran and thus, distribution of nuclear weapons to other countries will harm US as it will make other countries strong too
  • China will completely control Pakistan and hence, a great economic benefit to China will be a harm to US as it will affect the dominance of US economy in the world.

Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan



  1. Aiding Pakistan gives many benefits to the US in terms of economy as well as resources and control etc.
  2. A collapsed Pakistan would be more problematic as it will decrease the control as well as profits of the US.

So, these are the reasons Why US Gives Financial Aid To Pakistan?

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