Nikola Tesla – The Unknown Genius of The History

Unknown Genius of the history

Tesla vs Marconi

Tesla vs Marconi
Tesla built a huge tower for the project which was 187 feet high.Meanwhile, Marconi demonstrated the transmission of radio signals from Europe to America.Nikola Tesla claimed that Marconi is using Tesla’s 17 patent rights for doing this.Now JP Morgan doubted that how did Marconi send radio signals before Tesla, even at such a low cost.
When Nikola Tesla needed more money for his secret project, but JP Morgan refused to give money.So, Tesla had to tell his secret plan to Morgan.But Morgan was a practical person, so he didn’t show any interest in Tesla’s project because there was no profit in it.Why would he give free electricity to people?
Then JP Morgan started to invest in Marconi’s project instead of Tesla.After this, Nikola Tesla came on the brink of poorness.
In 1904, US Patent Office gave patent rights of radio transmission to Marconi, formerly named after Tesla.After losing his patent rights, Nikola Tesla became alone and often, he was seen feeding birds.Nikola Tesla’s sadness turned into anger when Marconi received Nobel Prize in 1909.Nikola Tesla commented, “Marconi is a stupid” on this thing.
In order to get his patents back, Nikola Tesla went to court but due to lack of proofs, he wasn’t able to do anything.At the end, he lost that case.
Unknown and Non-confirmed Invention
Then a news came in 1930 that Nikola Tesla had developed a machine which is named “Death Ray”.It could destroy 10000 Aeroplanes in a stroke 200 kilometers away using the particle beam.A lot of people say, that he invented that machine but due to misuse concern,  he destroyed it.While others say it was a just an imagination.
The Unknown Genius of The History
In 1911, he mentioned a machine that was in the air without any propeller or pump, which looked exactly like a UFO.

Conclusion of The Unknown Genius of the History

Due to these inventions of Nikola Tesla, people considered him mysterious.He has patent rights on his name for 278 inventions.Some of these inventions were very ahead of its time.That’s why a lot of people think that he got succeeded at time travel.

Futuristic Future Time Travel Sci-fi Quantum
Futuristic Future Time Travel Sci-fi Quantum
While others think that he had relations with aliens, because of which he was able to make such advanced inventions.
He took his last breath in hotel New Yorker at the age of 85 years in 1942.
Justice and Truth Revealed
Till 1943, Marconi was considered to be the inventor of Radio Transmission.But in 1943, USA Supreme Court canceled Marconi’s claim and gave credit to Nikola Tesla for Radio Transmission.
America celebrates each year Nikola Tesla’s day on 10th July.
It is said that loneliness and empty mind is the root of evil.But it depends on the thinking of the person, that what you think alone.
The Unknown Genius of The History
This is one of the famous quotes of Nikola Tesla-The Unknown Genius of The History
He is still unknown despite being such a great personality and that is the reason he has been called the unknown genius of the history.
Nikola Tesla Quotes Idea
Nikola Tesla Quotes
But nowadays, people usually prefer to be in a relationship rather than being alone and doing such great things.People afraid to fail and that’s why they fail!


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