Cicada 3301 Puzzle

Purpose Behind Cicada 3301

What Is The Purpose of These Puzzles?

The main purpose of these puzzles is to find the highly intelligent individuals who are the master in each and every kind of knowledge.

This organization wants to recruit highly intelligent individuals for their work.But the work or purpose of recruitment remains unknown.

But the people have their own views about it.Some of them say that these puzzles are posted in order to maintain cryptography, privacy, and anonymity.

While some of them say that it is the way of recruiting people used by some special agencies.

Who Is Behind This Puzzle/Organization?

The identity of the owner/poster is still unknown to the whole of the internet.That is the reason why it is one of the biggest mysteries of the internet.

But some people say that it is the work of NSA, CIA, Anonymous, or some government agency and some kind of special organization.

While some say that it is connected to Illuminati or some secret organization(freemasons).

But what we can conclude that Cicada 3301 is not a small organization.It is a well-funded organization.The basis of saying this is that the clues of Cicada 3301 are scattered throughout the world at different locations.

Some of the locations are Annapolis, Dallas, Chino, Columbus, Moscow and many more locations.

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