Cicada 3301 Puzzle

Did Anyone Solve It?

Did Anyone Solve It?

I can’t say directly because we don’t know it.A lot of people claimed to solve the puzzles but Cicada 3301 never announced it by itself.

People who claimed told that when they solved the first puzzle then they were redirected to a TOR(The Onion Router) website on the deep web.

Maybe no one has solved it till yet or those who solve it never show up themselves.

But there was a person named Eriksson who solved the puzzle of 2012 but he was a little late to reach at final stage because when he reached to that site he found a message that the winners have been already selected.

According to him, the winners have to solve puzzles in private in order to confirm their knowledge and capabilities.

Here are the total clues and solution of Cicada 3301 Puzzle-

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Who Is Behind These Puzzles?

Cicada 3301 Website-

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