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4 things you can do to avoid failing a drug test

Are you anticipating a drug test by your current or prospective employer?  Do you know that you can test positive for a certain illegal drug even when you’ve not actually abused it? However, the good news is that you can get favorable results even when you’ve abused a drug or not.  Here, you are going to see four proved ways which you can use to avoid failing a drug test.

1. Use synthetic urine

Ever heard of fake pee such as Quick Fix Synthetic urine which is used to cheat drug tests?  If you are almost certain that your urine will turn positive for a particular drug if tested, you can submit synthetic pee instead of your real urine sample. You can purchase this urine online and ensure that you use it as prescribed.  This is the only method that has been proved to have a consistent success rate as far as cheating a drug test is concerned.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy the artificial urine, you can ask your friend or relative who you are almost certain is drug-free to give you his/her urine sample. Submit the urine sample as yours and if it is clean, you’ll just get results that are favorable to you.   You can use pocket warmers to keep these urine substitutes at the correct temperature for the best outcomes.

2. Avoid these foods and drugs

As mentioned earlier, some foods may make you test positive for certain drugs even when you have never used them.  For instance, drinking cocoa within 36 hours before undergoing a drug test increases your chances of testing positive for cocaine. Drinking tonic water just before a drug test increases your chances of testing positive for quinine.  Consuming poppy seeds in bagels, sushi or any other kind of food put you at risk of getting shocking results suggesting morphine or codeine in your body. Last but not the least, oil or milk with hemp seeds, some B vitamins, ibuprofen, cough suppressants, or diet pills can make you test positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol (the major psychoactive constituent of cannabis). Therefore, if you are about to take a drug test, it is important that you avoid these foods and drugs for at least two days to the examination.

3. Dilute your urine

Dilution is the most widely used way of cheating drug test but it’s not always effective if not done wisely. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water or slightly more 12 hours before taking a drug test will help in clearing your urine, diluting possibly present traces of drugs and other substances in your body that might make your results turn positive for particular drugs. This will reduce your chances of undesirable test results. Nevertheless, you should drink the water moderately, else, you’ll risk experiencing water poisoning. Besides, take B-vitamins as you drink water to ensure that the colour of your urine looks normal. Having done that, the test administrators will be unlikely to suspect you of cheating a drug test.

4. Take a detox drink

Detox Drinks are special beverages that are aimed at eliminating toxins from the human’s body, facilitating health and well-being. It is not clear how these beverages work to clear human pee so that one doesn’t test positive for illegal drugs, but they actually work, although not for everybody. If you opt to use a detox drink, it is recommended that if take it about 2 hours to the test as its effectiveness won’t last for a long period. Additionally, you should bear in mind that the drink may not work for you despite being effective for other people.

Don’t let not drug a test result ruin your career opportunities.  Do all can to avoid abusing drugs and if you have quitted the behavior but still concerned about your intoxicated system, try the above tips and your employer will be proud of you as a drug-free employee.

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