5 Tips to washing your car

Your vehicle is one priced asset that you should take care with all means possible. After spending thousands of dollars investing in it, it is your work to ensure that the insurance does not increase your premiums because you could not take proper care of it.

Remember, if you are reckless, insurance will increase how much they charge you monthly since they know you will be knocking on their doors often.

Apart from driving it well, there is something special that you should do to your car. Wash it. Dirt sticks on the exterior, and interior as well, and it can be embarrassing when you drive in the midst of clean vehicles.

Therefore, how do you make sure that it sparkles all day in the parking lot? Here are tips that you could use if you love washing the car by yourself.

Use reliable washing products

Your vehicle’s paint is susceptible. If you use hard brushes to wash the cover, then it will scrape off the paint within no time.

Therefore, have a soft sponge, two buckets of water, microfiber towels, vehicle washing detergents, a hose to spray the water to rinse off the soap or detergent, and all other best car wash products.

Be sure that you use car-washing detergents. They are not abrasive, especially to the paint.

Wash under the shade

Most people make a mistake of washing their cars where there is direct sunlight. However, that is not appropriate.

I know this is a point that people will ignore but if you wondered why there were spots on your windows even after rinsing it, then here is the reason why.

Pack it under a tree to minimize water evaporation, which will make the soapy water stick on the surface a little longer.

Pour water on the vehicle first before you apply soap

Another common mistake people do is starting to use solvent without considering pouring the water first.

If your vehicle has some mud, especially, you will notice that you will have to pour water before to make it wet so that it can be easy to remove when washing.

Those that skip this process may notice mud that remains even after rinsing.

Start from the top

Have a habit of starting with the top and ending with the wheels. Mostly, the bottom areas have more dirt than the upper regions.

Remember to shut all the windows to prevent water from slipping into the interior. You should also avoid dropping the sponge. If a stone sticks on the sponge, then it will scratch the cover while washing.

Additionally, as you do the rinsing, it is also nice to start from the top as well.

 Polishing keeps the “spray-painter” away

Scratches on cars are inevitable. Most cars pick out dirt and scratches; sometimes, without the owner’s knowledge.

Once you rinse it, use a microfiber towel, since it is gentle, to wipe down all the water. That will also help in reducing water spots that remain on the body.

You should also add some polish on the body since it works together with the paint.


Give the wheels special attention. Remember to clean the rims to keep the shining surface from fading.

Be sure to leave no stone unturned. Some areas can form rust if water remains on parts such as the rims.

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