7 First Date Rules You Should Never Break

A first date is like an entrance exam or job interview. Maybe, it’s not the most important event in your life, but a successful date gives you access to the next level (given that you make a good first impression, of course). To do it, just follow a few simple first date rules.

1) Don’t talk about your exes

Your past can be a good source of conversation topics on the first date if you don’t start talking about your previous relationships. This subject is pretty touchy, so it’s better not to discuss it. Such approach can do a lot of harm. If you treat your exes with disrespect, your partner may have several reasonable questions, like: “Why were you together if everything was so bad?” Apart from that, recalling the tragic and painful breakup will probably awaken some negative emotions you don’t need on the first date.

2) Don’t be rude to the cab driver and don’t flirt with the waitress

On the first date, we are often too focused on impressing our companion. Being next to someone, who likes us, we start acting a little differently than usual, expecting approval. But if you don’t want your first date to become the last, following some rules for first dates and being polite with your partner isn’t enough. Often, one can tell who you really are by observing how you communicate with others: waiters, cloakroom attendants, cashiers, cab drivers, and so on.

Another obviously bad strategy on the first date is flirting with other people, especially if you are into dating travel girls. Your companion is expecting you to show your appreciation to her and not to the waitress or some girl at the next table.

3) Don’t focus on your person

A date should involve a dialogue, not a monologue. And any conversation involves feedback. If your companion only talks about herself and doesn’t ask any questions, it basically tells that she’s concentrated only on herself; besides, she’s not interested in your person at all. We bet you won’t want to waste your precious time on someone, whose only wish is to be listened to. So don’t become such person.

4) Don’t get drunk

This is one of the main rules for a first date. A moderate amount of alcohol will help you kick-start a conversation if you’re shy or don’t know what to talk about. But ‘moderate’ is the key word here. If your companion gets too drunk and behaves a bit inappropriately, you probably won’t want to know her better. The same goes for you.

5) Don’t bring your friends with you

You’d think this is obvious: if you ask someone out, you expect this person to come alone. But some people don’t care about such details. Girls often come on a date with friends, and guys take their buddies as well. Life is a tricky thing. Perhaps your future partner isn’t the one you asked out but her friend. Anyway, if you want to see your companion again, you should leave your friends hanging out without you.

6) Keep your phone in your pocket

We live in a world of gadgets, where smartphones have won over all our attention. But the romance of the first date suggests that you leave your phone alone and don’t get in out of your pocket even if it rings.

Imagine that you asked a girl out on a date, and she spends the whole evening checking her Telegram, Instagram, and her friends’ statuses on Facebook. Not the best date of your life, right? All this can wait a couple of hours, especially if your personal life is at stake. Dating has its limitations, and you need to play by the rules.

7) Don’t tell too much about yourself

Don’t take your first date as the last chance to speak out and be heard. There’s no need in getting on your companion’s nerves with your problems. Sure, an interesting conversation involves a few exciting stories, but make sure that your companion doesn’t learn too much about you.

These are just some major first date rules for guys, but this should be enough to make her want to meet with you again.

Article written by Rohit Sharma

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