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Godacityhacks.com was established on 25th of February,2017. It is a website which contains multiple topics such as Story, Tech, Reviews, HowTo Guide, Lifestyle, Mysteries, Life Hacks and Almost All niche that we can Cover.

The story of Godacityhacks.com is kinda complicated because we didn’t just think of a blog name, register the domain name and start it. It’s more than that. I started my first blog during my school days and it was on Blogger.com platform. I started it with a random name, wrote (or copied?) some blog posts. I had no idea what blogging was, I just simply published and promoted the posts without having any intention. Most importantly, I didn’t know that I can make money out of my blog, which is basically the key to our success.I just wanted to blog at that time because I wanted to express my thoughts.

Later on, I understood, Blogging is just more than writing something and publishing, it’s a medium to share quality information, I realized people from all over the world read my blog posts and I should take it seriously. Because a single mistake on my side may practically mess up someone’s knowledge.

Birth of Godacityhacks.com

After that I decided to keep a brand name for my blog, I didn’t really have any knowledge about picking a domain name, because see, those days I had no idea about keywords and stuff, I just picked what I loved, so ‘Godacity Hacks’ looked like a cool domain for writing about ‘Life Hacks’.

After a complicated struggle, I got some money and register Godacityhacks.com in February 2017.

Things were a little bit complicated, but the more and more I loved Blogging and respected it, the more I realized the potential behind it. I grabbed that and here we are.

Ronit Masih

Ronit Masih is the Founder/Editor of Godacityhacks.com. He founded Godacityhacks.com when he was 19 years, and he is trying hard to make it a standard blog. Ronit loves Blogging and he considers the term ‘Blogging’ as a tool or weapon which can change the world, or, at least, a person’s life.

He is a believer and a truth-seeker with a revolutionary mind, and he has his own personal valid reasons for that. Ronit loves Reading, Exploring, Music, Football, Researching, Planning, Motivating, and yes, Blogging. If you ever want to contact him for anything, you can ping him through his Facebook profile and Twitter profile. I’ll try my best to reply asap, and if I’m not replying back, kindly ping me back.

You can also find him on Google+, you can hangout for discussions. If you want to know more details, feel free to check this LinkedIn profile.


Rohit Sharma

Rohit is a young blogger who likes to explore new things. He loves to write about blogging and also, he is a content writer who has served more than 300+ articles to various of his clients. That is the reason why he collapses with Ronit and started working together.

Apart from blogging, Rohit is pursuing a degree in computer science and engineering. He is an open-minded guy. If you share similar interests, you can connect with him using his social profiles. Facebook,  Twitter


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