Add to Your Bankroll and Enhance Your Chances of Winning

Whether you gamble at a Vegas casino or online, you want to get the most from the casino.  Land-based casinos are different than online ones so the perks, presents, and particulars are different.

Here is a short outline of the things each type of casino offers and how you can take advantage of everything they offer.

Welcome Package

On this subject, the online casinos win hands down.  Some offer huge percentage bonuses for the first deposit up to $1000 or much more.  They may offer many free spins as well.  The no deposit bonuses are usually for high volatility slots so they’re not as good as they look, but the deposit bonuses are real money that you can gamble with.

Land-based casinos may have a program for new players but a new player at a land-based casino may be someone who will gamble a couple of hours once in his or her life so the casinos can’t afford to be generous.  Online casinos expect people to come back at least every week.

VIP and Casino Hosts

Online casinos run a points program in which every bet is turned into points.  Land-based casinos have a similar system but it’s based on something called ADT which stands for Average Daily Theoretical.  Land-based casinos will assign a host to a player who gambles relatively high stakes for as short as a half hour.  Online casinos will make you a VIP if you deposit a large sum or if you earn a huge number of points from your gambling.

In either case, you get assigned a host or an account manager.  The job of these casino employees is to make you feel so important that you come back often and gamble a lot of money.  They also give gifts.  It’s better to be a VIP at an online casino because you can go to it every day.  That way, the account manager has a massive incentive to keep you happy.

Your host at a land-based casino knows that he or she might not see you for many months or longer.  Your online host might have to do something extra for you every day.  So, if you’re a high roller, we suggest playing for high stakes at an online casino.   You can still go to a land-based casino but go for the luxury accommodations, the great restaurants, and the one of a kind shows.

Free Drinks

You get these only at a land-based casino.  Many advice columns tell you to never drink while you’re gambling and we agree except that one drink every half hour or more won’t get you drunk.  If it does, don’t drink at all.

If you’re offered a free drink, always keep it simple.  Order by name but never order a fancy brand or an expensive age.  You can order twelve year old single malt by name but no older.  The casino probably won’t bring it to you anyway.  Make the waitress happy by tipping her for every drink.  A dollar is still fine and two dollars are twice as good.  She’s working hard.  If you’re in the casino for a long weekend, try to establish a connection with a cocktail waitress on the first day and tip her twice the going rate.

By the next day or the third day, you might be able to get that 18-year-old Scotch or a somewhat larger drink.  But never play if your senses have been dulled by alcohol.  You don’t have to go to your room.  Just wonder about the casino, get some air, take a short walk, or get some coffee.  Unless you’re completely tipsy, you’ll be able to get back to gambling in a half hour or so.


This is for land based casinos.  You can always shop for a better deal.  Weekday rates are far lower than weekend rates.  When conventions are in town, room rates go up.

Always call the casino and try to work out a better deal for a room for three nights.  A simple few phone calls will let you know whether the casinos expect to be full but, more importantly, how much they really want your business.

Customer Service

This is for online casinos.  They all talk about how accessible they are.  Try them out!  Call them on their toll free number and if an online casino doesn’t have a toll free number, go elsewhere, no questions asked.  Live chat is extremely convenient.  Ask them questions about extra perks they can arrange for you.  They might be able to up the welcome package with a small no deposit bonus or some free spins.  If you’re getting ready to sign up at a land based casino, shop around and make the lucky casino earn your patronage.

Avoid Giving Money Away

Land based casinos have many tricks to get you to lose attention on the game and otherwise increase the house’s advantage.  Millions of people love land based casinos for the lights, the atmosphere, and the excitement.  That’s fine as long as you keep your wits about you.

Payout rates at land based casinos on slots are lower than online because of higher operating costs.  You can have fun playing other games.  Video poker, on the other hand, has the highest payout rates of all games land based or online.

At an online casino, you can play with a strategy card.  At a land based casino, you can’t.  But the basic strategy for video poker is not that hard to learn.  In some cases it is counterintuitive so you have to let go of what you think you know and go with what is statistically true.

At land based casinos, you should save your ogling time for when you don’t have gambling decisions to make.

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