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The 6 Best Anime Streaming Sites

As all of we know that anime was originated in Japan, but later on, peoples across the world started watching those animated cartoons. And that’s why now Anime has one of the enormous fanbases with them. People’s across the world enjoy watching anime series, but Anime shows are not readily available to view especially if you want to watch the latest releases of animes.

Even I am an Anime lover, but it is not available easily near me. That’s why I always try to search for the best site to watch anime series online. But searching the best site that regularly gets updated with latest shows and that shows fewer ads and have good streaming speed is a bit difficult task although using a VPN can resolve some of the streaming speed issues, and after testing 100s of sites, today I am writing this article on best Anime streaming sites.

Streaming anime online become very tough for me when KissAnime gets down and I know that many of you also had faced the same issue. So, without wasting your time, let’s get started-

Best Anime Streaming Sites

I know that many of you were thinking that earlier I said that KissAnime went down and now I am sharing the URL of KissAnime. Well, don’t get confused. The official KissAnime is still down, is a replica of the official KissAnime. If you watch dubbed anime, then this is going to be the best place for you because they have a massive library of dubbed animes.

Also, they have one of the most attractive homepages. Well, I am saying this because of that vibrant but pleasant green color they are using. Even, you’ll get the navigation bar with quite a few options to choose from. Also, you’ll get a latest updates tab from where you can access all the newest anime series in just a few clicks. Also, it offers you to obtain the currently ongoing series as well. Isn’t it good?

Another thing that makes more popular is the video quality options you’ll get. You can change the video quality from 240p to 1080p. Also, this site won’t bother you with the shitty and annoying ads. Also, this site offers you to request for an anime movie or series you are interested in watching. All you have to just register with them and request and their team will share that series as soon as possible.

The second one that made a place on our list is AnimeXD, and this is my favorite website to steam anime series because it has every single anime that I am searching for. Well, I can’t say that they have each and every Anime series or movies on their database. But I can promise that this site has the extensive collection of Anime series compare to the sites I am going to enlist here.

I know now you may be thinking that when this site has this much database, why I didn’t listed it in the first place. Well, the answer is its interface. The website looks decent, but it is a bit confusing for the first time user and also, that black and the bloody red combination doesn’t seem that pleasant for eyes.

Apart from that, the website is pretty good and also offers almost the same features that provided such as changing video quality, requesting a movie and the feature that attracts me is the commenting option. You can share your reviews on the anime series you have watched, and your reviews will help others. The same reviews can help you as well if you are searching to watch a new anime series or movies. another top-rated website available for anime streaming. The reason for its popularity is its ease of access and the vast collection of anime and manga series. Pretty simple design of the website seems right for the new users. Also, it gives multiple features, and I will suggest you use this one if you are not a regular internet user. The structure of the website somehow makes me feel that it is the replica of as is down from a while. Though I am not sure about that.

The homepage is pretty well managed. You’ll get a filter feature out there so you can easily apply filters and get some new stuff to watch for. The best thing that I like about their structure is that they have given dedicated tabs for latest movies, latest updates and the best one which I love is, the tab of the ongoing series. You’ll get almost every currently running series out there.

Also, they have a member login area on their website so that you can request for any of the web anime series or movie that hasn’t been listed on their website. Even they have filter options as per language so if you are searching for dubbed series or anime movies, 9Animes is the best place for you.

If you ask me to pick any of the sites from this list and your intent is just to watch anime series’ not movies, I’ll recommend you This is one of the best websites I had ever visited for watching the anime series. There are a lot of reasons that forced me to add this one on my list in the top 10 positions.

If we talk about the user interface, it is pretty pleasant. You’ll get a left sidebar where you’ll get the full series list and the list of ongoing series. And on the main page area, you’ll get the latest parts of series. Also, this is an excellent place for the dubbed and subbed anime series. You have choices to change the video streaming quality between 144p to 1080p resolution.

The sad part is that this website is going to be close in August. We don’t know the reason why it is shutting down, but I am pretty sure that we’ll get a replica website after this for sure.

If you are an anime lover and can do anything for your favorite anime movies or series, then is best for you. This is a website with the massive library of anime series but the thing that annoy me the most are the advertisements they use. Yeah, this website comes with a lot of advertisements that annoys me most.

But the reason to put this website on my list is its extensive library. Its library consists of some really popular anime series such as One Piece, Bleach, Reborn, Naruto Shippuden, Gintama and High school dead. Though the interface is not that bad, it has everything well managed. All the shows that you’ll see on the homepage is tagged with it is subbed/dubbed or not along with the upload time and date.

It offers a variety of video quality to stream with, and even you can download them into your smartphone as well. It provides almost all type of anime series with all genre. And the upload date of latest series and episodes are bit fast than the other competitor sites.

If you are searching for the anime that are available for free only or that one which is licensed by US companies only, is the best location for you. It also doesn’t show annoying advertisements that make it a prior choice for day to day users. Although it doesn’t have a vast collection of anime movies, you can only stream the anime series from here.

If you visit their website, you’ll get that it is not just an anime streaming site but a place from where you can get the latest news and updates about anime series. The homepage has a big preview box of popular anime series and after that a tab of the latest news and just after that the list of anime series. has a delightful interface which makes your mind to stay. Even you can stream your favorite shows as high as 1080 pixels resolution.

They also have their forums where you can share your experiences, can help users and do many other things as well. is a right place if you want to watch English dubbed anime series, but because of less availability of anime series, it is not able to make a right spot on our list.


Final Words-

Well, these are not the only sites available for watching anime series and movies online. But after testing a lot of sites I found these ones really helpful and easy to access for everyone. In the testing period, I tested more than 100 anime streaming sites and the very common issue that I faced was those annoying advertisements and spammy pop-up links. So, this is the time to end this article “Best Anime Streaming Sites.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this. If you have any questions simple shoot them in the comment section below and for more articles like this you can subscribe to our email newsletter.


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