Best apps for iPhone

Best Apps For iPhone


Best Apps For iPhone

There are lots of smartphones around these days and one thing that all of these smartphones require is some of the most amazing apps to enhance user experience. iPhones are no different and there are plenty of iPhone apps available nowadays that can be installed on your smartphone to make the most of your little gadget. From photography and email to navigation, video-calling services, and weather apps, you can find a whole lot of iPhone apps that you can enjoy using on your latest smartphone. Some of them may be paid while others can be enjoyed for free. No matter what the case is, choosing the right apps for your iPhone will mean you can use it to its full potential. Now, let’s not waste time and dive straight into 5 best apps for iPhone that are available today. Remember, this top 5 list is in our perception and your top 5 apps may vary depending on your own preferences. Regardless, here they are!

PCALCCalculator app

PCALC is your paid calculator for your iPhone. Wondering why you should go for this one when there is already a native calculator app that comes by default with the iOS device? Well, it’s definitely an upgrade from the stock calculator app and comes with Apple Watch extension as well that makes it especially useful. So, start doing calculations right from your wrist with PCALC. It’s worth bearing a small price tag.This is one of the best apps for iPhone.


HyperSpektiv is your photo- and video-editing partner if you are interested in something extreme that is even better than Clarendon or Ludwig. With HyperSpektiv you can change video and images beyond recognition and can make them look stunning. All it takes is some swiping around of fingers on your iPhone screen and you will be able to create kaleidoscopes and glitches and even distort colors as you may like. It really is a perfect app for you if you love doing some DIY artistic work.Thus, it is included in the list of Best apps for iPhone.


If you’re into scriptwriting then Scrivener is just the thing you need with all its great capabilities. It puts manuscripts into several blocks and works fine both on your iPhone as well as iPad. It offers everything you need as a writer such as trash cans to keep different documents, scriptwriting, etc. Though it doesn’t come cheap, if you’re a serious writer then you will really love it.Hence, it has been mentioned among the best apps for iPhone.


IFTTT is a free app that gives you some sort of automation. IFTTT means ‘If This, Then That’ and this app allows you to link the apps and devices you have for making them work together. For instance, if a photo is shared by you on Instagram, you may also want it to be saved to Dropbox account that you have. If you get missed call on your iPhone, you may want the app to send you a reminder via email that you need to call the person back. The latest trick of the IFTTT app is that it works with the smart speakers such as Google Home and Echo.

WhimWhim App

If you are into dating then using Whim on your iPhone will allow you to eliminate any legwork involved in it. You just have to do some swiping around for finding potential partners and Whim can do the rest such as selecting the night as well as locations where you should go on a date. It takes into account the calendars as well as preferences of both the daters. The fun part is that it’s completely free.

These are only a few best apps for iPhone that you can download from official App Store of Apple. If you have already gone for an iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak then you may like to explore some amazing apps and tweaks available for jailbroken iPhones as well. The options are endless and all you need to do is a bit of digging around.

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