4 Best Short News Apps of 2018

For people around the world, News is something addictive! Nowadays people want great content, lesser advertisement and faster and real-time updates.It looks like the newspaper will always stay here, but its reading style will be different. There are plenty of news apps in India that provide news in different languages and you can access them on smartphones at your fingertips. Teenagers love surfing a lot, you can see them with their eyes on phone ALWAYS. The news is the best medium to remain connected to the world around you. News app keeps you updated simply with just a pop-up notification on your phone and never fails to keep you on the track in this hustling world. Let us now discuss some of the great short news apps in the country.


This app is used for both local and international news. Flipboard is very interesting user-friendly app. There’s something for everyone. You can get all the best news, popular stories, conversation, and comments around any interest or passion in one place. Flipboard creates Smart magazine for individuals. It is automatically filled with articles, blend expert voices and recommend stories to create an easy way to keep the track of all the news of your interest or passion. You can create your own magazine and add stories to it from your personal favorite sectors.
It is very appealing to the users to get the freedom to choose the articles of the genre in which they have an avid interest.


The ‘Easy to use’  news app is famous across the readers for its various features. The experts’ analysis the news in depth to provide the best opinion shared by others from different fields. Every minute professionals and passionate learners use this app to follow and search blogs, short news, political issues and many other brands and companies on their phones. This is a preferable short news app for youngsters to keep up the important trends and form expertise on the topics they really care about. It helps you with fast, well designed and clean reading experience. You can save your time by adding your searched blogs, newspapers and magazine to Feedly. It is the best short news free reader app available on the Android phones and tablets. It saves time and offers useful integrations with different social media so that you can share stories with your teammates on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, OneNote.


It is one of the best short news app in India which provides you with real-time news updates and the best part is that the news here is kept as short as 60-80 words so that you don’t miss any other important update and also, this way the news doesn’t get lengthy and boring. It is an automated tool that collects information from many trusted sources like The Times of India, The Hindu, Economic Times, First Post, Navbharat Times, etc.
It also has a distinct feature which is its in-built news reader which speaks out the news for you both in Hindi and English.
This app keeps you updated on sports, Bollywood, politics, social affairs, science, technology and many more. You will be updated with the latest news, top stories, and experts’ opinion in-depth at your fingertips.

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The Times of India App

This app is famous for the tagline that it is “Made for India to simplify your life”. It gives the up-to-date information about the relevant and important topics like national and international news, sports, business, politics, Bollywood, lifestyles, entertainment, science and many more. – anytime and anywhere. The system requirement for this short news app is Windows 8 & 8.1 devices. It is styled with horizontal scrolling option for easy viewing choices for users.It has the ability to provide live blogs and live cricket scores.  Like Feedly, it too helps to share stories with your networks and teammates on different social media like Facebook, Twitter,  and via emails.

So, I guess by now, you have selected your favorite short news app which wants to download and use for getting instant and real news.

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