Thought Provoking Quotes

25 Thought Provoking Quotes

Thought Provoking Quotes Thought Provoking Quotes to tell you about some realities. There are a lot of things that provoke our thoughts while we study.Some brain-teasing tasks also do this.But we ignore those thought-provoking things that are real.We ignore reality in order to comfort ourselves. So, here are some thought provoking quotes and images that […]

A Message To Future Generation

A Message To Future Generation This is “A Message To Future Generation” in order to aware them about the world they live in. Dear Future Generations, this is a very special message for you.Be careful!You have been born in a world that is very hostile, sad and full of misery and suffering.You live in a […]

How To Handle Relationships?

Nowadays, people are unable to maintain relationships and then they feel alone, isolated and hurt themselves in the end. Here word relationships includes every kind of relationship, For example-parents and children, married couples, sister and brother etc. Nowadays, most of the teenagers are engaged in the relationships and without having the actual knowledge of the […]