How to Customize Lock Screen Android

Android is one of the best OS among its alternatives available in the market when it comes to customization though it is rooted or not. Even when it comes to locking screen of your Android, you can do lots of changes to it right from privacy to make the lock screen beautiful and productive. You can customize Lock Screen Android or design it in a most stunning way as you can. Using apps, inbuilt settings and widgets you can make all this possible on your Android. So, what are you are waiting for?? Let’s go and customize the Lock screen of the Android mobile today and have great accessibility and fun looking lock screen.

How to Change Lock Screen Android

When it comes to changing the lock screen of the Android, you can start with customizing the protection of the lock screen and then move further as you want. Let’s get started.

  1. Choosing Lock Screen Security

When it comes to setting or adding the protection to the android lock screen you can choose between various lock screen security options available in the settings of your device. You can choose pin, password, slide or swipe and face detection etc. based on the availability of the options for your Android version. You can change this protection level right from the settings. If you are unable to locate it, do follow the steps below.

  • Tap on “Settings” icon on your device.
  • Find and click on “Lock Screen” / “Lock Screen & Security” or else tap “My Device” and click “Lock Screen”.

You can customize the security option based on your needs. Swipe adds no protection to your mobile. Whereas, pattern and face detection is easy to unlock as well as vulnerable too. Choosing these security options can make your android phone get easily hacked. Some latest Smartphone’s do provide the fingerprint option for locking and unlocking the android. Among all the options available in the settings of Android, fingerprint adds more protection as it is not that easy to get accessed.

However, you do not have to use these boring and routine options available in your mobile to lock the screen. There are also several third-party apps that add more fun and interesting lock and unlock ways to your Android that gives rigid protection as well. Few such best lock screen customization apps are listed here which you can choose between and make use of them to add strong protection to your Android mobile.

Third-Party Apps for Android Lock Screen Protection

ZUI Locker

It is one of the best and powerful Lock Screen apps for Android device. The app offers various customization options for the users. The app has protection settings and it has the option of locking status bar too. One of the best features of this app is that it has the capability to take the selfie of the intruders who try to access the mobile by guessing the wrong password. There are many other features that you can make use of like HD wallpapers, utility options, changing layout etc. The control panel feature of the app is really good as it allows you to easily access the most used settings of your phone directly from the lock screen.

Go Locker

This lock screen app is also most popular among the users with more than 50 million downloads from the play store. The app comes with some basic features. To provide security to your Android lock screen, you can set the pattern and similar security options like it. The free version of the app comes with some themes that you can set to your lock screen.

Solo Locker

It is one of the best DIY lock screen apps for Android. Using this app, you can have access to various lock screen elements and features to customize lock screen android phone. There are many locking methods to lock the screen of the android and you can design or construct one as you want. There are also many widgets, wallpapers that you can use to make fun looking lock screen. The app is free to download.

Add Lock Screen Widgets and Make it Productive

If you are looking for how to change lock screen android screen completely, apart from adding protection to the Android lock screen, you can also add beautiful wallpapers or designs to the lock screen. You can also add widgets to the lock screen and make it more productive. The android phones with android version 4.2 or above come with some basic widgets like camera, access to the notifications, clock, Google now widget etc. You can customize this with even more widgets and access the settings from the android lock screen i.e., without entering into your mobile main screen or by unlocking the phone. You can make it possible by using third-party lock screen widget apps available in the Google play store.

Apps like DashClock, AcDisplay, C Locker, HD Widgets are some of the best lock screen widget apps that make your lock screen more elegant with added widgets. You can also change the design and layout of the lock screen as you want. Some of these apps allow nearly 30 shortcuts to be made available on the lock screen and that users can access them easily. Choose between any of these best lock screen widget apps and make the lock screen productive.

Any of the ways and lock screen apps that are listed here would serve your purpose at their best to customize lock screen android device. These are few android tips and tricks that you can really make use of and customize the android phone lock screen easily. Hope, you found these lock screen customization ways useful. Let us know if there are any more methods for customizing the lock screen of the Android by commenting here.

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