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How to download Hotstar videos from PC and Mobile

Searching for a simple and easy guide to Download Hotstar Videos? Well, in this scenario, this article is going to be very helpful for you because I am writing this article with three best methods to download Hotstar videos from PC and Smartphone as well. So, without wasting your time, let’s start this article. 😉

download hotstar videos

I was receiving a lot of comments and emails about how to download and watch Hotstar videos for free on PC and Mobile. So today in this article, I am going to show you guys some essential tips and tricks on how to download Hotstar videos and to watch them on your PC and Mobile. The procedure which I am going to show you will definitely help you to download every single video available on Hotstar on PC and Mobile. You can even download TV shows, Movies and your favourite video which you once watched on Hotstar and wished to download but failed because it was paid, but now you can fulfill your wish by just following some simple and easy steps.

Excluding iOS, Android has become one of the most popular and frequently used operating systems in smartphones. Android allows using thousands of applications via Google Play Store. Every single day, thousands of applications are launched by different developers which include every genre in the field of Music, movies, games, social media etcetera.

Why to use Hotstar for Watching Movies and Shows?

Hotstar was launched in the year 2015. At its initial stage, it was just a web-based website but later developers launched its official app as well. Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. At the start, Hotstar only upholds the live streaming but later after growing some popularity, it has included many things such as TV shows, Web series and movies as well. Even, you can enjoy videos in more than 8 different languages from a variety of genres.

After some regular patches, now Hotstar features a very optimized content search feature which reduces complexity and time for getting the exact results. Hotstar is packed with many other awesome features as well.

How to download Hotstar App’s videos for Free for PC and Mobile

So now I am going to tell you a method of downloading free Hotstar’s videos for free on PC and Mobile. You just have to follow the below-mentioned method to safely download the videos you like and also you can download them once and watch later. The method which I am going to show you is much similar to that of Youtube. Users of Hotstar are allowed to first download the videos and later to watch them even if there is not an internet connection.

Just Go after this below listed steps carefully to Download Hotstar videos for free on PC and Mobile without any errors or issues

  1. First of all, just open the Hotstar app on mobile or PC
  2. Then click on the search option which is available on the top right corner after opening the app
  3. After selecting the video which you want to download, just click on that particular video and there will be an option of download just below the video. click that
  4. After clicking on the download option, select the quality of the video which you want to download.

Location of the downloaded videos from Hotstar in the Android devices

Many of you are not able or find some difficulties in finding the downloaded videos from Hotstar. So for guys, I have researched a lot about this problem and have finally come up with the solution that is I have found the exact location of videos after downloading them from Hotstar. Due to the difference in each an every location in different Android devices, finally, I have found a location which is similar in every Android Mobile. So just follow the below mentioned steps to find your downloaded videos on your Android device.

  1. To begin with, simply open the menu on your Android Mobile
  2. Furthermore, just click on the download option which is located in my files
  3. In this Download folder, you will be able to find your particular downloaded video from Hotstar

Another way of Downloading Hotstar videos from its Official site

Apart from the method of downloading Hotstar videos from its App, there is one other method also of downloading Hotstar videos, it is from its official website. The procedure which I am going to show you will definitely help you to download videos using Hotstar’s official website for Free.

Below are the steps to download free Hotstar videos through its official website

  1. First of all download and extract HOTSTAR VIDEO DOWNLOADER
  2. Then open the website named
  3. Search for the video which you are willing to download
  4. After finding the appropriate video, just click on it
  5. Their will an option called Download after clicking the video
  6. Now just copy the link of the video
  7. Then open the Hotstar video downloader folder, in this, you will see total 2 batched files
  8. Click on the batched file named Hotstarlivestreamer.bat
  9. A CMD will be seen on the screen, you just have to paste that link which you have copied in that
  10. Now you have to just select the stream of the video
  11. Use ‘D’ to download and ‘P’ to play the video
  12. After all these steps, you are finally done with the process as your video will start downloading
  13. To watch the downloaded video, you can find them in Hotstarlivestreamer/videos directory

Final Verdict-

The methods which I have given to you to download free videos from Hotstar on PC and Mobile are the best ones and the most accurate ones, which will definitely work. So now your favourite TV shows, movies, and videos are no more a dream to watch offline. If you find any issue in downloading any video or the software just feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below and please do not forget to share my article with your friends and the one who is in need of it.

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