Google Pixel 3: Smartphone for a smarter future

Since the time Google has acquired Android OS, we have seen many developments from Google in terms of software and hardware, and they have just won whole industry of mobile software. However, the in terms of hardware they are still not best if we consider Apple and Samsung smartphone. Well, Google is no farther in the race, and it is fairly catching up with the Pixel series smartphone. And, this year too, Google is ready to take the game forward with the Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 smartphones.

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Things to keep in mind before Buying a New Smartphone

Well, Google smartphones have become even more expensive over time, starting from the journey of Nexus and now Pixel smartphone. The Google Pixel 2 XL has been the most expensive, version, at 128 GB, costs $ 1,050 without taxes. And this is more expensive than the 64GB iPhone X. We compare with the iPhone X, because it is very expensive, and other flagships, including Note8, will cost less. Appearance? Well, let’s say someone likes it, some do not, but it’s worse, at least for us. However, neither the price nor the appearance could stop many from buying Pixel 2 XL in 2017.

And, there are mixed reviews for Pixel 2 XL, well there were a few mistakes at the end of Google. For example, there was a bunch of Pixel devices reached to the end consumer which didn’t have installed OS, and someone has the edge of the display does not react to pressing, and all the screen looks very bad. And it’s sad, but still, overall review favors the Google. And, we expect these little things will not be missed in the next Google Pixel 3, and we would definitely witness something outstanding, that Google deserves to bring to the world.

We may sound rude, but in terms of design and ergonomics the usual Pixel 2 doesn’t look good and Pixel 2 XL, in principle, is tolerable. And it’s very subjective. By saying not looking good, we don’t mean actually bad. There is no innovation in the design. However, Pixel 2 XL is still better in looks. So, we hope Google engineer should perform serious changes in the design of Google Pixel 3.

In the above paragraph we were just referring to the looks, however, in reality, it is pretty typical. The case of Pixel 2 is made of glass and metal, and much metal texture, which you may like per your taste. Practicality this metal is much better than steel in the iPhone X. There are no scratches, no prints, and the smartphone is not so slippery so that you may call the design, and ergonomics as practical for present Pixel smartphone.

Talking about the display, Google Pixel 2 XL is installed with 6″ POLED-matrix with a resolution of QHD, manufactured by LG, and it is terrible without any amendments. The colors are distorted by the slightest deviation of the display from the angle perpendicular to the sight, and if the display is comfortable, the upper part is already blue, and the bottom is still trying to be white. Interestingly, we do not see this in any of the other devices available, that is, LG could do not just badly, as with someone else, they were able to break the bottom very, very much. We hope Google may have learned everything about the Pixel and user desires for the upcoming Google Pixel 3. A good phone is indeed defined by good design, great performance, and innovation taste. We are sure, Google being the biggest tech giant should be able to achieve this result by the end of this year with the launch of new Pixel 2018.

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