JetSmarter, Charter aviation and the changing face of smartphone audience

The face of aviation is changing dramatically. The hasty experience of commercial flights is no longer the order of the day. It completely depends on you, whether yougo for the reckless journey with long queues and airport crowds through commercial flights or set on an adventure with the ease of private flight services of JetSmarter.

That may sound unusual, but that’s how it works! The services offered by JetSmarterhave created a whole new world for charter aviation. Not only charter aviation, but a complete package of private flight services is on offer for all the travel enthusiasts who refuse to leave the clouds alone. Their services include Charter Broking, Shared Charter, Shared Shuttles and Jet Deals.

Charter Broking is a very handy service where an individual can book an entire aircraft and fly in private. On the other hand, shared charter service allows you to book an entire aircraft and sell the spare seats. With shared shuttles, you can go for empty-leg flights without spending a large amount, while Jet Deals offer you the luxury to book last minute flights.

The best part is that all these services are available at your fingertips through a smartphone app, which is available on android and IOS platforms. The app lets you book a private jet from the comfort of your bed. It specifies all the details and special requirements for your bookings and uses push notifications to notify users about the available JetDeals.

The JetSmarter app is allowing people to enjoy spontaneous gateways around the globe. You can also enjoy access to gallery openings, celebrity meets and exclusive events. You are no longer required to go through the time consuming process of commercial flight bookings.

The flyers are taking the advantage of ideal membership schemes meant for frequent flyers. You can fly through the business and travel hubs like New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Moscow and Dubai on the go. The company is now looking to expand its services in Asia and Latin America by easing private jet bookings. The idea is to make a broader marketplace by making private jet booking as simple as possible.

The company has been able to do so in the United States to a greater extent, but the focusis on expanding the operations to all the big cities around the world. With JetSmarter, the private aviation will never be the same. Innovative techniques and out of the box thinking is helping the company to paint a new picture of the aviation industry.

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