Time Freezing
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Mysterious Time Freezing Machine

Mysterious Time Freezing Machine

“Time Freezing Machine” the existence of which seems impossible, but do you know it exists in reality?

What Is Time?What is time

According to scientific theories, time is a unit which moves forward at a constant speed.Neither it can be stopped nor can be changed.But the group which we call “Time” is easy to feel, but it is very complicated to understand the existence of it.

Although a lot of attempts have been made to control the speed of time, a lot of efforts have been made to travel at the time.But still, time travel seems very far from us.

Time Freezing Machine/Time Altering Machine


In 1977, a person named Sid Hurwich, a Canadian gave a terrible and shocking statement.He said that he had invented a device that could help in time freezing.And the speed of time could be slowed down to a great extent.

He made a time-freezing machine/time to alter machine.

Sid Hurwich, born in 1918, was a technician who used to repair Jewish appliance.He used to live in Toronto, Canada. He had a deep interest in tools and electronics since childhood. He used to pick different things from garbage and then he used to invent different useful stuff from those spare pieces.

Young Age

When he grew up, he already had a decent recognition for his skills in the whole Toronto. He could repair any machine. He used to fix those machines which he had seen the first time in his life.A Canadian company offered him a job as they got impressed with his exceptional skill and talent.

He accepted the offer and joined the company.He sharpened his skills while working for them.After some time, he established his own Company. He took retirement at the age of 36. But even after taking retirement, he invented a lot of things.

Invention of Time Freezing Machine

One day, Sid Hurwich got succeeded in his most impressive invention-A Time Freezing Machine.This machine could slow the speed of time.During 1969, the cases of bank robbery got increased.

Sid Hurwich contacted police and said that he could help them thieves get caught.He even claimed that he could catch those thieves in 30 minutes.

Experimentation of Machine
Time Freezing Machine


Sid Hurwich invited some of the cops to show them the experiment and workings of his Time Freezing Machine.Officer Bolton went to Sid Hurwich’s home with his some colleagues.He saw a machine kept under the dining table.Sid Hurwich asked him to keep his gun on that dining table.After that, Bolton felt that neither he could pick the gun nor he could pull the trigger.Then Hurwich asked him to take a glance at his(Bolton’s) wristwatch.Bolton’s watch was showing that 1 minute has passed while in other’s clock 25 minutes were passed.Hurwich froze the timeline of Bolton due to which Bolton felt that only 1 minute has passed.But 25 minutes got adopted in actual.And all this did happen with the help of Hurwich’s made Time Freezing Machine/Time Altering Machine.

He found the way to freeze time.While he was explaining the mechanism of his marvelous invention, he said that this invention is not a significant invention in actual.He told that basic principles of electricity had been applied in this machine differently.He also noted that the range of this device depends on the source of the energy of the machine.This Machine is only applicable to those objects through which current passes.This invention creates electronic rays and because of these rays the natural composition of electric field changes.

Mystery of Time Altering Machine

Submitted to Israel

After all these events, no one could found what happened to Hurwich’s device.In 1977, a British magazine named “foreign report” published an article which claimed that the Israel Military has The Hurwich’s Time Freezing Machine.This section also contended that on 3rd July 1976, Israeli Military used this machine to rescue 103 passengers from the hijacked plane on Entebbe airport.

Sid Hurwich was given an award as the protector of the state of Israel in an award ceremony conducted by Zionist Organization of Canada.It proved that Sid Hurwich had given this device to Israel.He gave this to Israel so that a small country like Israel could protect itself from the strong and powerful nations.

Afterwards, Hurwich himself cleared this and said that he gave this device to Israel.He gave it to Israel because Israel needed it the most in his eyes at that time.

How Did He Make It?Mystery Of Machine

Toronto consultancy engineer Dr. Howard White says that any powerful magnet can stop any watch.He said, In his opinion, this device of Sid Hurwich is capable to project an intense electromagnetic field, because of which it freezes the electronic equipment or gun.But he doesn’t know “how does it create that much powerful electromagnetic field.”

Hurwich never applied for patent rights for his invention.He said this is a straightforward device and anyone can copy it.But still, no one could reinvent this type of the machine.

After all, what was the secret of his Time Freezing Machine?No scientist has been able to understand the secret behind it.

From where did he get the inspiration to invent it?

And, where is this device now? This is still a mystery!!






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