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A few years ago MyCareer was a unique item in the basket of NBA2k series. It was a novel feature among all the major sports game, which allowed a single player to build his own story where he can guide a player through school and college games to take up a career in NBA.

Features like long dialogues and plot on and off the court were some new features which established single player mode firmly among the developing multimode games.

Its increasing popularity led 2k opponent EA to follow the same course in their games. And previous year FIFA started its single-player storyline, and this year three of EA’s game introduced MyCareer style profile.

Though they had years of experience and a head start in this segment, 2k series messed MyCareer feature this year.

The biggest issue that this game has come up with is their reliance and overuse of microtransactions for proceeding the levels in the game. The game itself cost $50, and yet it requires to spend more money to march forward in the game.

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And the way in which this has been included in the game and the extent to which previous options have been trimmed off is extraordinary. Now playing NBA2k18 is like regular faceoff with insults as it asks for spending money in MyCareer mode.

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And Virtual Currency is not the only problem in the game. There is too much of branding done on and off the court in MyCareer.Moreover, getting NBA 2k18 locker codes these days is also a heck because NBA 2k has drastically reduced giving new locker codes in their twitter handle. So you can try your luck elsewhere on the internet to get some quick VC’s.

In the previous year game, MyCareer was centered on the player’s apartment where you end up amidst the game. You could walk around there and could shootout a little; you could make you all the decisions and upgrade and customize according to your needs. Though it wasn’t most immersive but it did its job.

You cannot see the same thing this year. They have replaced it with a small hub called Neighborhood. I think they wanted the player to get a taste of the world of Warcraft type setup, where the player would spend time loitering around, making different customizations and taking the feel of the basketball world.

Here they have created a PlayStation home. It is useless running through a theme park filled with corporate recommendations to fulfill even the basic off court objectives. Need a haircut? Run to the barbershop. Want new shoes, move your feet to the locker. And while you are running there is nothing else you can do, since Neighborhood is filled with real player’s avatars, you can’t interact with them.

What they have done is to replace something that did at-least something with something which can’t do anything.

I didn’t know who the hell asked for this change. Who thought that problem is not with inconsistent writing but the absence of bizarre MMO hub world? If the creators thought that MyNeighborhood solved some of the problems from previous versions that I should enlighten them that all they have done is they have created a new bunch of problems.

The real problem was not with the structure of MyCareer but with the people it had. Fans are enjoying the EA’s career mode despite all problems because the folks in there like Colt Cruise and Alex Hunter are real characters who can generate enough attraction to pull the player in their story.

MyCareer story has proven to be unpredictable and underdeveloped which is a collection of random sketches made to tell an unconvincing story. On the contrary, there should have been a genuine development of character over the course of a long time of basketball. Everyone in the game seems to be a character carved out from a cardboard mirroring sports stereotypes or representing sports brands.

2k18 tried to tell a good story using two of the features, but both proved to be fatally wrong. In spite of earning your place in the NBA rising through a college career, you are told to play as someone who quit playing basketball to pursue his career as a DJ and who can again return to be a player in NBA. And also you can get into NBA by playing few street games in an amateur tournament.

This setup here harms all sense of achievement. The self-achievement one should feel progressing through the game is all lost.

There is too much of branding done in this game. Everything you will find sponsored here, from sponsored powerups to sponsored shopfronts to sponsors in the queue to sponsor your career. You will find a thank you message acknowledged aloud to the Jordan brand. This type of advertisement could have looked ok, but when you present microtransactions along with this, the whole experience of the MyCareer becomes irritating.

It would still be bearable if you can skip that part but when there are short cut scenes that play before and after games, you can’t simply ignore it.  By the time I was near to the end of my first season, every conversation with the janitor or security guard was suffering for me because I didn’t want to hear that cringe-worthy joke, I just wanted to play some basketball.

I am getting a feeling that everything in the MyCareer mode is built around two bad ideas. First is The Neighborhood and second too much dependence on microtransactions. Everything good about the series has been stuffed in wherever they can justify them.

It’s so disappointing that the same thing has been the standard bearer for the single player game before. Now it has lost its way in the vast gaming oblivion. 2k18 series should have been the game made up of learnings from the mistakes which they had made in the previous versions.

But what we got here is some really messed up version. A series, which in the few initial year went in the right directions and took some fine steps, has lost its way now.

And what’s the worst part is that this is a brilliant basketball game. The animation, physicality, and presentation are still good which makes it such fun to play. Let me remind you that this is not a review for the NBA2k18 game. It’s a review for the MyCareer mode whose flaws are disastrously basic.

All those player who still want to play NBA2k18 game, my advice for them would be to try MyGM mode. It has some story stuff that keeps popping up, also some might find the management stuff daunting, but overall it is a coherent and enjoyable experience than MyCareer.

2k18 MyCareer mode is light years away from perfect. My older reviews are a testament to that. I have loved many things in spite of many glaring drawbacks but here in the 2k18 there is very little to love and what we have is a mode with too much of brands and mountain of problems.

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