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How to print Aadhar card

Aadhar card is an identity card with the aadhar number printed on it. The aadhar number is a unique 12-digit identification number which is issued by the government of India to the citizens of India. The UDAI also called Unique Identification Authority of India is responsible for all the assigning all the aadhar numbers to the citizens of India and keeping track of all the records in their database. Aadhar card was introduced in India so that there was a card which has all the details like demographics and biometric information of the citizens of India.

List of Identity documents in India

  •    Permanent Account Number or PAN number
  •    Passport
  •    Driving License
  •    Ration Card

Aadhar card cannot be used right now as a solo id proof but it is used by all the financial companies, the banks and also the telecom companies to know their customer better and maintain a database of their profile. Right now to apply Aadhar card residents of India need to submit the existing id proofs like the PAN card, drivers license, and passport. Aadhar card enrolment will undergo all the biometric scans and also the figure print scans which the citizen has to do by visiting their Aadhar centre.

Once the Aadhar card application is complete and the applicant has completed the necessary scan at their Aadhar centre, they will need to wait for about 10-15 days to receive their Aadhar card. Applicants can check their online status of the aadhar card by going to the official UDAI website. Once the Aadhar number is generated applicants can go to the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India and then download their aadhar card.

How to download Aadhar card with the help of enrolment number?

  •    Applicants need to visit the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India.
  •    Go to the option of Enrolment ID or Aadhar
  •    The website will ask the applicant for their Enrolment number or their aadhar number and also other minor details like the pin code of the local are and the registered mobile number
  •    Once the applicant feeds the following information to the website there will be the option of one-time password and the applicant will receive their one-time password or OTP in their registered mobile number.
  •    The applicants then need to put in the OTP they received in their registered mobile number, and there will be an option to Validate and Download.
  •    Once applicants press on the option of Validate and Download, they will receive their e-Aadhar card, and it will be automatically downloaded on their laptop or computer.
  •    When the applicants try to open the downloaded file, they will be asked to put in the password because it is a password protected file
  •    The password for any applicant will be of 8 digits in which the first four characters will be the first four letters of the name of the applicant in capital letters, and the last four characters will be the year of birth of the applicant.

It is very much important to know the name and the birth year of the applicant to access the downloaded e-Aadhar card. Right now Aadhar has become compulsory for all banks and telecom services, and it is necessary for every citizen to have their Aadhar card for having a bank account. It is recommended to all the citizens of India to apply for Aadhar card, and they will be able to download their card within 15-20 days of their application. Having the 12-digit unique identification number of the Aadhar card is very important for citizens of India.

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