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7 Important Things to Make Your Spouse Happy

7 Important Things to Make Your Spouse Happy

Make Your Spouse Happy by just taking care of few things listed below.Read it to maintain an easy and smooth functioning married life.

If you ever had the chance to visit Japan and observe the lifestyle they practice, you will clearly know the importance of embracing a minimalist lifestyle. And if you have no clue about it, then a minimalist lifestyle allows you to remove the clutter from your home and life. A house full of clutter demands more money, energy, and your time.Once said by someone, success in marriage is not achieved by finding the right person (partner), but by becoming the right person!

When you embark yourself on the journey of removing anything non-essential from your possession, you will experience freedom. You will find more time for the things you value the most, more time on the dinner table, more time in front of your screens with your loved ones, and less to focus on – but the ones and things that matter. You will find the true life in removing nonessentials and focusing on essentials.

This is mostly the case with marriage. Your marriage follows the same trajectory; you start your relation (dates) with nothing but each other and your focus is intently on building stronger bonds. Soon when the relationship becomes marriage and continues forward, the “stuff” begins to accumulate and in your life and you start drifting away from the most needed things of that time.

You start worrying about the appraisal of your home value than the valued person. You check on the health of your retirement accounts and not on the health of your marriage. Your time is spent caring for things, rather than the existence of your partner. What you’re left with is little of marriage and more of accomplishments. Here are some of the most important things you can do to make your spouse happy and live a healthy marriage life instead:

Things To Make Your Spouse Happy

Commitment to LoveTo Me You Are Perfect

Love started your relationship, so should it stay. Although, love is a fleeting emotion, nothing as it is portrayed on your TV screens, or written in the romantic novels. A true commitment to staying there forever is what lasts while feelings come and go. Your decision to stay committed and to love through ups and downs, and good or bad is what will stay. Remain committed.

Intimacy with Faithfulness

Your marriage is more than just a concern with bodies. When you devote you to fantasies about a person, you sacrifice your faithfulness towards that person. You need to practice moments of emotional intimacy for each other. Devote your sexuality to your spouse and guard it by all means.

Avoid Humility By All Means

We are humans and it’s natural for us to reveal the faults. Always remember to be ready to accept your wrongs, that you’re not perfect, and that you will also need forgiveness at times. An attitude that shows superiority will bring resentment and will keep your relationship distant from moving forward. Exercise humbleness.

Practice Forgiveness

Since no one is perfect, therefore patience and forgiveness will always be needed. Marriages that have lasted forever had partners who forgave and had patience. They accepted their faults and expected their partner to be imperfect as well. Come out from the past that had your partner be by mistake.

Spend Time

The most important thing of all, to keep the marriage successful and your spouse happy is to ensure that your relationship has ample of time investment. Something that we miss out the most from a relationship is ‘quality time’. Just as how you spent hours and days in learning about your partner, his/her favorites, likes and dislikes – do the same now. Things change and so does time, and similarly his/her likes can change as well. Subscribe to the best Cable TV Providers offers that will include all your favorite list of channels and schedule your evening in front the screens. You will see how sitting together and watching your favorite or his/her favorite shows can make things different. Set aside time for your spouse every day.

CommunicateCommunicate Through Internet

When you’ll start spending time together, you will start communicating. Successful marriages last in partners that communicate with each other. From grocery lists to dreams, hopes, anxieties, and kids – you have so much to talk about. Discuss the changes that have taken place between the two of you and guide each other on how to make things better. But keep it honest forthright communication.


Don’t be selfish towards your partner. The major aspect that can keep your spouse happy with you is when you act selflessly in front of him/her. Your love and commitment to put your spouse on preference and ahead of everything will eventually bring him/her kneeling in front you. Let your dreams, hopes, and life be for your partner and not just for yourself.

These are some of the things that you must do to keep your spouse happy and have a happy married life.

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