tech myths

The Top internet and tech myths

The Top internet and tech myths

Hello everyone today I will clear some of your doubts related the internet and tech related stuff. You might get confused sometimes that you should do this or you shouldn’t or is this right way to do this thing or wrong. Today I will talk about the most interesting topic i.e. Internet and tech myths. Let’s talk about them one by one. I will first tell you about myth and then the answer whether it’s true or false.

  • Your internet company tracking your browser privacydata security

This statement is totally false your company won’t track your browser history because of the laws. However, they have the power to track because you are using their internet and they can easily track but they never do because of laws. They do this activity only when they find something unusual with the permission of the government.

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  • Incognito browsing keep you anonymous

This statement is also false because incognito means the false or assumed identity not anonymous.

There is a misconception between the words incognito and private. These both words are synonymous with anonymous. If you are using the incognito mode that simply means that you are not allowing your browser to keep track of your history, autofill data, and bookmarks.

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  • More megapixel means better camera

This is totally a myth because Apple iPhone has a camera of 12 megapixels but it is still better than 16 megapixels of any phone. This happens because camera quality depends upon many things like aperture, ISO, white balance and many more things not only megapixel.

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  • More bar equals better service

This is totally wrong. You might think that if your phone has 5 bars then you have the full network connection then you are probably wrong. Those bars indicate the connection to the nearest tower and because of the nearest sometimes the limit for connecting people exceed and that why you face connection problem.


  • Emptying trash permanently delete the files

It makes sense that if you delete the file, it will be permanently deleted but no it’s not true. Even if you delete it from the recycle bin there are some files of that file will be there on your hard drive. In the technical word when you delete the file it will clear the space from the hard drive but the bits of that file will still be there.

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So, friends, these are some tech and internet myths that you have been heard many times. These are the top tech myths that have been told by everyone in day to day life and from now you know the truth what really happen. Take the step and share it with everyone to make them aware of the tech myths.

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