How to wean your wife from dodging sex?

Anyway, how’s your sex life? And this question is not addressed to dating couples and newlyweds. We are talking about couples who live together for at least five to ten years. Sexual life stands on another level when both of you have seen each other doing some gross and weird things, so no surprise you don’t want to perform acrobatic etudes every night. As Louis C. K. has accurately marked this problem about marriage: “You’re not gonna have sex with one woman. You’re gonna have sex with zero women.”

What are the reasons?

If you exclude general illnesses, both physical and psychological that postpone sex in your couple and make a woman not want her man (or sex with him), the most frequent reasons are your love fading away. Your intimacy becomes “a marital duty,” that is why female libido (her arousal and passion) lowers.

Also, if during several years of living together and periodic (or frequent) sexual contacts between a husband and a wife, the latter does not orgasm (or simulated too much for the sake of her man), a woman can develop insecurity as a form of the psychological block. Her psyche has accumulated incomplete emotional and mental situations, representing a significant bunch of negative psychic energy, influencing on the destruction of libido and, accordingly – your wife does not want sex with you, her husband.

Intimacy, as already mentioned above, is a spiritual, psychological and sensual symbiosis of two loving and respecting each other people, free and autonomous individuals. And if there is a physical, sexual component, like the husband and wife, the latter represent the two halves of a whole unit – emotional, psychological and physical.

How can you change the situation for better?

Women are complicated individuals, so even the smallest issue can influence their mood, and sex without mood as a set of exercises is non-existent, on contrary to men. If your wife says that she is tired, and when you offer gentle affection and help, she gets mad and angry, you still have to change the situation and start solving this problem. However, women from don’t often refuse to have sex, quite possibly because they love it very much.

Sometimes men begin to exude compassion and understanding, they buy gifts and set up dinners with fancy music and candles. Others help out with household chores, feed and dress up your kids and so on. Yes, it will be useful indeed. But your sexual life will base on the sense of women’s appreciation, but not lust or passion. And with the passage of time, your situation will change to sexless again.

She may justify this behavior as a concentration on more significant values at this period: career, children, her parents. It sounds about right, but in fact, it is pure lies.

You have to understand your male sexuality. Your woman wants to have sex with a successful and powerful man. There is a high probability that your wife doesn’t see you as a sexual object anymore. So to prevent your woman from refusing sex, you need to become more independent, somewhat rough and brutal. In other words, you need to get back to times when you used to be a stray cat before you became fat, lazy and comfortable. When you realize that you want yourself, she will inevitably climb on you. Women are generally attracted to self- righteous douchebags (not in a family environment, of course). Nice guys finish last, in all senses, ironically.

Do not take offense at your wife or quarrel with her, just start to upgrade yourself and make yourself a better person. She will run to you with widespread arms (and not only), as she will fear to lose such a desirable and descent individual. Remember that your sex life is just an indicator of your family’s well-being and unless your wife has a severe psychological problem, search for answers inside of your head.

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