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Copy AI Review 2023: The Future of Copywriting?

Have you ever sat in front of your computer for hours on end crafting a single headline? Or do you have trouble thinking of intriguing captions for your social media posts?

Every author has gone through writer’s block, and we all know how miserable it can be.

And when that occurs, you are powerless to take action; you are unable to write blog posts, advertisements, or social media posts.

Many authors require assistance in crafting effective sentences that will make them stand out in the never-ending content marketing flurry.

When this happens, AI copywriting software like Copy AI is useful. from coming up with fresh concepts to developing efficient sales frameworks. Your one-way ticket to writing outstanding marketing copy is this useful tool.

In order to work smarter, not harder, read on for a detailed review of Copy AI.

Copy AI

What is Copy AI?

Copy AI is an AI-powered content writing tool that uses deep learning and natural language processing to automate your content workflow. It is simple to begin. Copy AI will handle the rest after you upload your raw text.

More than 25 different languages are offered for Copy AI. Depending on your audience, you can also choose different writing styles and tones.

With more than 90 tools and templates, Copy AI serves a diverse group of users, including:

  • Business owners
  • Startup teams
  • Freelance writers
  • Email marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media managers

What functions does Copy AI provide?

One of the best writing tools for producing high-quality content is Copy AI, which has a number of features. The following are a few of its best qualities:

1. 90+ Templates for Copywriting

More specifically, users appreciate that Copy AI provides a selection of content generation templates. Therefore, whether you’re searching for ground-breaking concepts for long-form content or simply a catchy headline for a blog post, this AI copywriting tool has you covered.

You can write YouTube scripts, online course topics, and other types of content.

As a result, the following are some of the most used content templates:

  • E-Commerce Copy: creating product reviews, content for microcopy, and other things.
  • Social Media Posts: Creating Instagram posts, coming up with ideas for viral videos, and other such tasks.
  • Digital Ad Copy: Crafting ad and sales copy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and other platforms.
  • Bullet Point To Blog Section: AI content generation using bullet points (instructions, descriptions, etc.).
  • Blog Ideas: generating quick ideas for blog posts.

2. Unique and Relevant Copy Results

If you carefully read through each of the copies made from the brief descriptions you provided, you might find a few oddly constructed sentences here and there. That is typical of AI tools.

You might be surprised by the outcome variation, though, as almost every copy will approach the main topic of the content differently.

Additionally, there are a few grammatical and punctuation errors.

3. Support for Multiple Languages

Copy AI is a multilingual AI copywriting tool that allows you to create content in your native language. Over 25 languages are supported by the tool, including Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and others. This is useful, especially if you want to address a global audience.

4. Chrome Extension

When creating content, writers frequently switch between multiple tabs and windows to research and write at the same time. As a result, the fact that Copy AI includes a Chrome extension can save you a significant amount of time and effort because you can use it alongside your regular work and productivity apps such as Google Docs, Gmail, and others.

Furthermore, the Copy AI Chrome extension includes all necessary features, eliminating the need to visit the official website while working on your copy.

5. Integrated Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checkers are typically only available in software such as Grammarly and other writing tools. Fortunately, Copy AI includes a plagiarism detection feature. When you’re finished creating or modifying your marketing copy, enter it into Copy AI to get a score in seconds.

Copy AI will handle your basic plagiarism-checking needs, so you won’t need to sign up for another tool.

The only disadvantage of this checker is that a premium account is required. It is not included in Copy AI’s free plan.

6. Content Level

Copy AI is a fantastic platform to work with. It’s simple; there are numerous writing tools available, and you can choose from a wide range of perspectives when creating content.

This Copy AI review’s content quality is its most important feature.

In summary, Copy AI is passable but has the potential to be even better.

It can’t write as well as tools like LongShot AI, and it can’t ever fully replace a human writer. However, Copy AI will be able to spare many writers numerous hours spent on research, idea generation, and the beginning of the writing process.

Copy AI

Copy AI applications

You can use Copy AI to help you create a range of content formats, including:

1. Email Content

The Copy AI email templates are excellent. A welcome email, a promotional offer, a newsletter, or even a cold outreach email can all use some help. basically everything a standard business would require.

Furthermore, these templates provide the necessary framework, making it simple to begin sending emails. However, you need to verify the findings.

And anyone who sends a lot of emails will find Copy AI useful.

2. Website Copy

Compared to the other Copy AI categories, this one is relatively short and has fewer templates. The sales landing page and the about us templates will be helpful to you.

But even if you do use them, don’t anticipate much. It must be an entire landing page. Additionally, it is tedious and repetitive.

It’s a generic copy, so you can’t use it anywhere. The landing page sections would benefit greatly more from the templates. The rest, though, can be made with what you already have.

The case study section contains a lot more templates than the website copy does. Additionally, it can assist you in creating customer proposals, case study overviews, and other documents of a similar nature.

However, the quality of the content is subpar. You should speak with a marketing expert before conducting a case study. The automated creativity tools of AI have better uses.

3. Social Media Content

For writing product descriptions, digital ad copy, and captions for social media posts, Copy AI has a tonne of templates. The best form of promotion will be contest or giveaway promotion and event promotion.

Every single one of these templates is specific to the post for which it was created. For this reason, Copy AI’s copywriting software is unquestionably for you if you want precisely targeted social media marketing copy.

4. Blog Content

To assist you in creating blog posts, Copy AI provides a number of templates, including ones for a title, an outline, and other components. Compared to other AI writing tools, creating a blog post is easier.

However, you’ll have to do a lot of editing if you decide to go all-in on a blog article. Additionally, since Google penalizes AI-generated content, it is not worthwhile.

The best-case scenario is that you can use Copy AI as a writing assistant for blogs, avoiding writer’s block.

5. General Business Content

The term “general business” isn’t quite accurate to describe what you’re getting here.

You might anticipate advertising copy, product descriptions, or even a writing assistant with a title like that.

Given that the majority of what you receive relates to the hiring process, “HR Templates” would be a better title.

The templates seem helpful for job descriptions and rejection letters on the surface.

You might believe it will make it easier to provide job candidates with tailored responses. It was ineffective, though.

You can write the stuff in the time you spend filling in the details essential to generate excellent content.

6. Video Content

You cannot write a complete video script with the help of copy AI. You will still need to complete it on your own.

But unlike Jasper, they don’t make a promise and then utterly fail to keep it.

Being sincere with itself, Copy AI makes a few video content template promises. Try using the template for a video introduction. Since it’s good, you can improve it and make it publishable.

Copy AI

What is the price of Copy AI?

So, if you have questions about the cost of Copy AI, you can find them here.

In accordance with the needs for content creation, Copy AI offers two pricing tiers.

Copy AI

Free Plan

This plan is entirely free and was created with users who want to test Copy AI’s copywriting abilities in mind. The following features are available:

  • 2000 words maximum
  • 90+ copywriting templates for one user
  • endless projects
  • 7-day Pro Plan free trial

Pro Plan

This is Copy AI’s most popular plan, which has a monthly cost of $49 ($36 when billed annually). These are some of the features it offers:

  • It starts at 40K words per month for $49 and goes up to 300K words per month for $279. For custom pricing options if you need more than 300K words, get in touch with their sales team.
  • Five seats for users
  • ninety plus copywriting templates
  • endless projects
  • Priority email assistance
  • 25 or more languages
  • Tool Blog Wizard
  • availability of the newest features

Copy AI Alternatives

If Copy AI does not appeal to you, consider the alternatives listed below.

Here are the Copy AI alternatives.


Next on the list is WriteSonic, which promises high-quality long-form and short-form content. Although the software initially had limited functionality, it now has a slew of them, placing it among the best copywriting tools on the market.

WriteSonic’s copywriting formulae (AIDA and PAS), product descriptions, and other features are similar to those of Copy AI. You can also use this tool to create landing pages that will help your marketing efforts.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the next best thing to Copy AI (previously known as Conversion AI and Jarvis).

It also comes with a multilingual editor and more than 50 templates to help you create unique, creative, and SEO-friendly content. However, Copy AI lacks Jasper AI’s Boss Mode, which allows for excellent long-form content generation.


Rytr is one of the best writing assistants, making it a great substitute for Copy AI. Due to its user-friendly interface and intuitiveness, users can easily create content.

Rytr uses Open AI’s GPT-3 technology to assist you in producing excellent content quickly and affordably! When discussing its features, some of the different types of content you can create using Rytr include YouTube descriptions, job descriptions, story plots, etc.

Considerations on Copy AI

Can Copy AI take the place of human copywriters, then? Not quite. But is it a useful tool for copywriting? Yes!

Contrary to what it may seem, Copy AI cannot match a human’s in-depth understanding of another human’s needs and preferences.

Maybe not yet. After all, no AI tool can compare to the customer interactions you’ve had over the past few years, especially if the tool has only recently learned the name of your business.

Nevertheless, it still does a good job of creating short-form content, such as sales copy, ad copy, business ideas, and more, which may be exactly what you need when you’re at a loss for inspiration. When it comes to long-form content, it could perform better.


The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Is using Copy AI a good investment?

Copy AI is a great AI writing tool to have in your toolbox, that much is true.

It takes work to write, from keyword research to developing briefs to putting it all together in a creative way to produce a finished piece of content. It is a difficult process.

And let’s face it, it might take some time and effort to locate dependable writers who consistently produce high-quality work. They are numerous. So,

Can Copy AI replace a qualified SEO content writer? No.

Does Copy AI speed up the process of producing high-quality content? Yes.

Writing tools powered by AI are frequently misunderstood. They are neither insufficient nor worthless. Instead, use a different tool to enhance your content strategy.

Even though Copy AI continues to revolutionize AI copywriting, people can only wager on the truthfulness and applicability of the content it generates.

LongShot AI is therefore the best substitute for Copy AI. Similar features and templates are available, but the content is of higher quality. In addition, LongShot AI is less expensive than Copy AI. You can create higher-quality content with LongShot AI for almost half the cost of $49 per month for 40K words. For 50K words, the pricing plan begins at $29 per month.

Long-form content is also required for Copy AI. LongShot AI fills the void by providing an easy-to-use blog editor wizard and powerful blog writing templates.

Therefore, register for LongShot AI right away if you want to optimize your content strategy.

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